Amazon to Ebay Dropshipping How is it done?

Amazon to Ebay Dropshipping is a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home, it is a business that can be scaled up and reap the benefits of a successful and fun business and making money from Home.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a process where you can find a supplier of products then advertise those products for a percentage mark-up in price.

When a product sells to a customer you can then order that product from the supplier and get them to post the item to the customer after the item has been paid for.

Example of Amazon to Ebay Dropshipping: find a product on Amazon in this example I will use a “Trampoline” it is advertised on Amazon for £60, select that product and advertise it on Ebay for £90.00, when the item sells it makes a profit of £30.00.

Amazon Ebay HGR for dropshipping

Of course there will be expenses like Ebay listing fees, End of Sale Fees, PayPal fees, software and even an Ebay Store so it is not all plain sailing, but the possibilities of making a large monthly profit even after all the costs are very achievable.

Amazon to Ebay Dropshiping Using the right software!

The key to making an online dropshipping business work is to firstly have the correct software to make it all happen.

This is a list of the software tools needed to set up an Amazon to Ebay dropshipping Business.

The 2 software tools above are the perfect set up to achieve a dream business from home, so what do they do?

HGR Hustle Got Real

HGR is an amazing dropshipping tool this is how it works, the software works in conjunction with Google Chrome an HGR icon tool can be added from HGR onto the Google Chrome taskbar to link an Ebay Account.

This allows items to be listed onto an Ebay Shop, simply search Amazon for a product then click the Icon at the top of Chrome, the HGR Tool then pulls all the information from the product Title, Description, Images and features, you can then edit the text to make the product look more appealing choose the percentage mark up you want on a chosen product which covers your Ebay Fees, Paypal Fees and enough to give you a small profit, Then click the list item button to list that item onto your Ebay Store.

Zik Analytics

Zik Analytics is a great tool for product research and helps to find products that are selling in volume on Ebay’s Platform, it shows how much competition you have for a chosen product, The software also gives optimisation help for your titles, zik can do many more things too such as competitor research, product finding and also evaluate your own Ebay shop, a real asset for any Amazon to Ebay dropshipper.

Check Out HGR Hustle Got Real Here

Check Out Zik Analytics Here